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Side Hustles May Be on the Rise in Big Law!



The legal industry is experiencing a notable shift as more lawyers are engaging in "side hustles" alongside their primary legal work. This trend can be attributed to a combination of changing professional norms, increased workplace flexibility resulting from the pandemic, and a desire to explore diverse interests while earning additional income.


Traditionally, the demanding nature of Big Law left little room for lawyers to pursue interests outside their primary legal work. However, the landscape is changing, and professionals are embracing alternative ways to utilize their skills and passions. The pandemic has played a significant role in reshaping work-life balance, prompting professionals to seek more flexibility and autonomy in their careers.


The rise of side hustles in Big Law can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, there is growing skepticism about the traditional operations of the legal industry. Lawyers are questioning the long-held belief that their entire professional focus should be on billable hours and client work. Instead, they are seeking opportunities to diversify their experiences and expand their skill sets.


Additionally, the younger generations entering the legal profession have different priorities and values compared to their predecessors. They are more inclined to prioritize work-life balance, personal fulfillment, and pursuing multiple interests. Side hustles provide an avenue for them to explore their passions outside the confines of their primary legal work.


The newfound flexibility in the legal industry, particularly accelerated by remote work arrangements during the pandemic, has created opportunities for lawyers to engage in side hustles. With fewer restrictions on physical location and more control over their schedules, lawyers can allocate time and energy to ventures beyond their law firm responsibilities. This flexibility allows them to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors, consulting work, writing, teaching, or engaging in creative pursuits while maintaining their legal careers.


The rise of side hustles in Big Law reflects a shifting mindset and changing norms within the legal industry. Lawyers are embracing flexibility, questioning traditional career expectations, and pursuing diverse interests outside their primary legal work. This trend not only contributes to personal fulfillment and work-life balance but also enhances their professional skills and networks. As the legal industry continues to evolve, the acceptance and integration of side hustles may become a common practice, fostering a more dynamic and engaged legal workforce.

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At The Legal Engineer, we believe that harnessing the power of legal software can revolutionize the way legal professionals work, streamlining processes, reducing manual labor, and ultimately saving precious time and resources. Our platform serves as a comprehensive resource, offering expert reviews, insightful articles, and curated lists of the most promising legal software solutions available.


Our platform serves as a comprehensive resource, offering expert reviews, insightful articles, and curated lists of the most promising legal software solutions available.





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