Legal Prompt Engineer - LLM & GPT

Product - London, Greater London


What You Will Do


As a Legal Prompt Engineer for Large Language models and GPT, you will be responsible for the following tasks:


Design and develop high-quality prompts for a range of legal use cases.

Design and develop high-quality prompts for the classification of contract types.

Design and develop high-quality prompts for extraction of key metadata for a range of contract types and legal use cases.

Build guardrails and legal framework for generative AI use cases.

Build queries for the legal framework to ensure product features such as chat, redline assist and other features using generative AI are responding within defined framework.

Working closely alongside our development, product, and legal engineering team to incorporate prompts into the system, test, and work with the team to sign off and deploy to production.

Evaluate and improve existing prompts to ensure they are effective.

Work with our lawyers, product, and development team to understand the legal practice use cases to which GPT and other large language models could be applied to

Work with our business and product professionals to understand the wider business use cases.

Stay up to date with the latest developments in natural language processing and large language model technology and incorporate these advancements into product.

Collaborate with the team to ensure that our language model use aligns with ethical and regulatory requirements.

Lead establishing new contract risk frameworks to be supported by the product.

Hands-on - this is a new role, and the person coming in is expected to be hands-on 




What You Will Need


Strong legal Skills; An attorney with academic, in-house, and/or law firm credentials.

Strong technical skills, including experience with AI training, GPT, or other large language models.

Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to work creatively and independently.

Strong communication and interpersonal skills, with the ability to work effectively with lawyers and other stakeholders.

A passion for innovation and a desire to make a real impact on the legal industry.

Expert ability to concisely communicate and explain critical legal decisions with context, building relationships and advise senior clients.

Outstanding professional ethics and client service focus

Experience in Legal tech experience is a plus.



Benefits & Perks


Competitive salary

Opportunity to work in a fast-moving, high growth SaaS company

Paid Time off

Paid Health and Wellness Days

Want to work with us?

If you have legal software you are working on or if you want to collaborate on our next projects please get in touch. We can assist in implementing AI software in your firm or developing your own software solutions. 


Alternatively, if you want us to shout out your product to our audience, we can help with that too!





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