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Empowering Legal Research with A Breakthrough in AI-Powered Legal Search


In the ever-evolving landscape of legal research and case analysis, the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has brought about transformative advancements. One such groundbreaking tool that is revolutionizing the legal industry is, a singular generative AI legal search engine designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of legal professionals in their quest for relevant information. is a free-to-use legal search engine that aims to provide accessible and understandable access to judicial opinions. Built in Boston, this innovative tool leverages the power of generative AI to deliver comprehensive and user-friendly search capabilities. Its mission is to drastically reduce research time and simplify the process of finding and understanding legal opinions.


So, how does work? Since February 2023,'s servers have been tirelessly processing vast amounts of judicial opinions, utilizing generative AI to summarize and make them searchable using natural English. This unique summarization and search process enables users to easily surface and scan relevant opinions, saving hours of research time. You can check out video tutorial here.


One of the standout features of is its natural language search capability. With this functionality, users don't need to match exact terms to obtain relevant results. For example, a search for "golf course" can also yield results related to "country clubs." This flexibility in search terms enhances the user experience and expands the scope of information accessible to legal professionals.


Upon conducting a search, instantly displays matching caselaw summaries in readable formats. These summaries offer concise overviews of the opinions, allowing users to quickly scan and evaluate the relevance of the results. Additionally, has generated AI abstracts for nearly a million opinions, with thousands more being generated each day. These abstracts are marked with a sparkle icon and provide further insights into the cases.'s commitment to continuously improve and expand its offerings is evident in its future plans. While currently available for searching across various states, aims to introduce federal case search capabilities in January 2024, further enhancing its comprehensive legal research capabilities.


The impact of on the legal industry is already being recognized by industry experts. Mike Lissner, Executive Director and CTO of Free Law Project, acknowledges's role in providing access to legal opinions for those who would otherwise struggle to read and understand lengthy documents. Sergei Hovyadinov, JSD Stanford Law School and founder of, highlights the potential of's technology to augment legal professionals' work and improve access to case law knowledge.


One notable aspect of is its commitment to user privacy. The tool only tracks what is necessary for its functionality, and no individual identification is required since there are no accounts or registrations.'s decision to offer its services for free is driven by its desire to encourage adoption and make AI advancements accessible to all. The creators believe that the benefits of the AI revolution can only be realized when technology is designed to benefit everyone.


In conclusion, stands at the forefront of AI-powered legal research tools. With its generative AI capabilities, natural language search functionality, and user-friendly interface, it promises to enhance efficiency and accessibility in legal research. As continues to innovate and expand its offerings, legal professionals can look forward to a future where comprehensive and reliable legal information is just a search away.


To explore the power of and experience its game-changing capabilities, visit their website here.

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At The Legal Engineer, we believe that harnessing the power of legal software can revolutionize the way legal professionals work, streamlining processes, reducing manual labor, and ultimately saving precious time and resources. Our platform serves as a comprehensive resource, offering expert reviews, insightful articles, and curated lists of the most promising legal software solutions available.


Our platform serves as a comprehensive resource, offering expert reviews, insightful articles, and curated lists of the most promising legal software solutions available.





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